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The Farms of Lake County Illinois

Farming has been a way of life in Lake County Illinois for over 200 years. The goal of the Lake County Heritage Farm Foundation is to document all the many farms that have come and gone over the years. You can help by sharing information about Lake County farms you know or remember.

Your farm may be among the over 500 farms already in our database - it's easy to check and see of we have it. If not, you can easily add it to our database! (Before adding a farm to the database, please do check first to see if we have it already!)

The Master List and the Heirloom List:
If you know the name of the farm (generally this is the name of the owner) go here to see a Master List of all the Lake County farms in our database.  This list identifies farms by their current name, for active farms, or last known name for farms that have been lost to development or consolidation.

The names of many farms in Lake County changed over the years. If the name of the farm you're looking for dates from 1980 or earlier, and you didn't find it in the Master List, the farm's name may have changed in recent years.  Go here to see our Heirloom List of earlier names by which various farms in the County were known.

The Maps
A second option is to search for the farm on a map of Lake County. With many hundreds of farms in the county, a single map showing every farm would be a bewildering mass of map pins, so we have created three maps to make your search easier.

Farms that are still active are shown on this map. This map also includes farms that are now used for any sort of agricultural activity, including nurseries, garden centers, equestrian facilities, or farmers' markets.

Farms that have been converted for other use are shown on this map. These are farms which have been converted for non-agricultural use. This includes a variety of uses ranging from nature preserves to other types of commercial activity. Also included here are farms where the original barn has been converted for use as a private residence.

Farms that have been lost or whose status is currently unknown are shown on this map. Generally these are farms that have been supplanted by residential or commercial development.

If you didn't find your farm please add it to our database and help us achieve our goal of documenting every single farm that existed in Lake County!

To add information to a farm, or to upload images, you must first log in.